How it Works

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The Tango belt is an unobtrusive wearable that springs into action when sensors indicate a fall to provide proactive hip protection.


Detects a Fall

“Motion in context” provides for highly accurate fall-in-progress detection


Deploys Airbag

The Tango belt reduces impact forces on the hip better than leading passive pads on the market


Alerts Caregivers

Caregivers are immediately notified via WiFi in the event of a detected fall

The Tango App

Manage Compliance and Track Performance

As an optional feature in the near future, the Tango belt will connect to our proprietary app that will empower caregivers to easily track wearer data, monitor performance, and deliver results. The app will securely store data and events in the cloud as well as track key mobility analytics over time including postural sway, gait speed, distance-over-surface, timed up-and-go, stride time variability, and composite fall risk.


Want more info?

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